- Free Japanese Webinar -
Webinar on the passive form that English speakers find the most difficult
Let's master Ukemi form that English speakers find the most difficult and use in actual conversation with Japanese people.
* very limited seating - only 20 spots for each webinar we do *

3 benefits to take this webinar

Master difficult grammar
Professional instructor teaches in an easy-to-understand way using illustrated materials.
Practice listening Japanese
The teacher speaks Japanese during class, so it's a great way to exercise your listening skills! English subtitles are available.
Use in conversation from tomorrow
Lots of quizzes and example sentences are also provided to help you use what you have learned in this webinar!
Are you struggling with learning Japanese?
"Japanese grammar is difficult!" 
"I want to speak Japanese better!" 
"I want to learn Japanese from scratch!"
We will hold a Japanese language web seminar for all such learners of Japanese!
Japanese grammar is very difficult to understand, isn't it?

In this course, difficult Japanese grammar is explained in an easy-to-understand manner using illustrations.

If you take this course, you will be able to understand the grammar you didn't understand before, and you will be able to enjoy talking with Japanese people more.

The seminar will last 30 minutes and will start when the time is up.

We look forward to your participation!
What is Ohanasi Japanese Language School?
The only online school 
that combines both a well-designed curriculum and an environment 
where you can speak in Japanese

Ohanasi Japanese Language School is the only online Japanese language school that provides not only high quality lessons in accordance with the curriculum, but also a place where you can talk with Japanese people and output what you have learned immediately, and an opportunity to ask questions about the Japanese language outside of class. 

This means that you will be able to speak confidently with Japanese people through the experience of actually using the Japanese you have learned.
Take Advantage Of This FREE Webinar
Before Time Runs Out!
* very limited seating - only 20 spots for each webinar we do *

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